Evette Wessels
1st Sep 2017
Chad Anderson
3rd Sep 2017

Ugeun Finlayson

Placed in Web Support - E-Commerce Sector, 2016

I was in a position where I felt stagnant yet with having a family I was unable to just up and leave. I made contact with Your Move Personnel and within a few days of registering online I was contacted for an interview. Upon arriving I was met by a very energetic lady who reminded me of how drained I felt in the position I was then. I needed to get my zest for life back and doing what I love doing - assisting people and meeting new people. She also reminded me of the qualities I had....if you are stagnant in your job you forget your abilities and qualities. I was immediately set up for a position which was perfect yet I was unable to accept for personal reasons. She immediately set me up for another interview and that is where I am currently flourishing!!! I went for an interview at a company called Webtickets as Leigh-Ann saw my potential and knew exactly what I needed. Not only have I been placed with an awesome company, Leigh-Ann also sent another candidate to the same company, who is now a very close friend and colleague thanks to Your Move Personnel.