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Your Move Personnel are confident that our value added services will be very useful to you.

Over the years we have noticed a definite need for change or improvement in the way our candidates are introduced to clients. We’ve also noticed the growing demand by our clients for more information. We have therefore created our professional candidate video presentations with these demands in mind.
We complete video presentations with our candidates, which are sent to clients with the candidates CV. This will allow you to not only screen the skill set of the candidate by looking at the CV, but you will now be able to screen the personality of the candidate. Thanks to our unique methodology you will be able to see if potential candidates are suitable for the position and if they measure up to or fit in with the culture of your company.
Our videos are fully responsive across all mobile devices.

We are confident that this service will save you time when screening any candidate.

This may possibly also make the task of screening our CV’s much more enjoyable.

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