Juan van Diggelen
3rd Sep 2017

Leeza Coetzer

Quicksilver - New Pier Trading (PTY) Ltd

Finding staff on my own has been a nightmare and a half, time consuming to go through 1000’s of applications and to check them all. YMP is a breath of fresh air, allowing me to breathe and take care of retail while you take care of my staffing needs, you understand my brief on staff. What I enjoyed about YMP, is that I am not just a paycheque to you. YMP always has time for my calls and my staffing needs - you have always taken my calls even out of the normal trading hours. I feel like I am part of YMP and that you are part of my organisation. We just mix and you understand exactly what I need. I would recommend YMP - you have never disappointed me and you have delivered every single time, you go over and beyond.