Ugeun Finlayson
3rd Sep 2017

Evette Wessels

Placed as Communications and Online Media Specialist - ICT Industry, 2016

The overall experience of finding new employment is not the easiest or the most pleasant in the current South African economic environment. The most stressful part for me is sending a million resume’s and applying for a million positions without ever getting any feedback. This the main reason why I choose to work through an agency. From the moment I decided to start seeking a new position till the day I found it took approximately 11 months. In this time I could take many new opportunities, but the correct one took time. Thankfully having worked hard in my student years gave me the qualifications that makes it easier to find a job - however finding the right fit and corporate culture, with mutual expectations of the position is KEY! I was so fortunate to be hunted down by Leigh Ann from YMP. She understood immediately what I was looking for, what environment my personality would fit in, and brought client and prospective employee together in a professional and well managed process. I immediately felt that my entire situation was under control. I received feedback on a daily basis. I could track the application process online. YMP is trustworthy, and they truly place their candidates with care.