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3rd September 2017

Wanda Parker

Placed as Telesales Agent - NGO, 2017

Wow. What an amazing experience. Remember that job hunting now days is a nerve wracking and stressful situation..So I was so surprised at how, from the second I arrived at the front door, the friendliness of Sasha who is the most awesome and efficient receptionist and customer service person, completely put my mind at ease........gone were all those nerves. All businesses and companies need a "Sasha" being the face of their company. All the staff that walked passed reception, greeted me with friendliness and warmth. I was also introduced to Carmen, who will be handling my CV and admin related to it, also so warm and friendly. Leigh-Ann my consultant handling the client's account, was exceptionally professional, and made me feel like she was interested in me as a person and placing me in a position that would benefit me. She offered me helpful tips and advice on background checks on the company she is forwarding to. All in all a wonderful experience. Well done to all working at Your Move Personnel.
3rd September 2017

Monique Matthews

Placed as Credit Controller - 2016

Finding a new position has been very tough I have looked for months and I have been to numerous agencies and uploaded my CV on various job sites. It can get very draining and you can start to feel very despondent especially when you receive no feedback. My experience at Your Move Personnel has been one of my greatest. They have revived my faith in placement agencies. From the friendly and helpful receptionist Sasha to my placement agent Leigh-Anne. The level of professionalism that they have displaced really made my experience at Your Move Personnel one of the best I absolutely loved the entire recruitment process and the video that they make to present to potential employers gives it that extra personal touch. I loved it!! Leigh-Anne House is truly a people's person. She displays characteristics that friendly, warm, comforting, supportive and active listener. She does not make you feel like you are just another candidate on their list but makes you feel like you are special and that you do matter which is what you need as looking for a new job can be daunting at times. She had so much faith in my capabilities than I had at times which made me feel confident and secure. They are not just another agency but they really make your entire experience one that leaves you positive and confident that you will find placement.
3rd September 2017

Chad Anderson

Placed as Warehouse Assistant - IT Sector, 2015. Later promoted to Technical Administrator

Your Move Personnel is an awesome recruitment agency as they helped me a lot. I would not have been in the position where I am today if it was not for YMP. Leigh-Ann House was my consultant. She was very friendly and helpful when it came down to the interview. She made me feel very welcome and at home. I would recommend YMP to anyone seeking suitable employment.
3rd September 2017

Ugeun Finlayson

Placed in Web Support - E-Commerce Sector, 2016

I was in a position where I felt stagnant yet with having a family I was unable to just up and leave. I made contact with Your Move Personnel and within a few days of registering online I was contacted for an interview. Upon arriving I was met by a very energetic lady who reminded me of how drained I felt in the position I was then. I needed to get my zest for life back and doing what I love doing - assisting people and meeting new people. She also reminded me of the qualities I had....if you are stagnant in your job you forget your abilities and qualities. I was immediately set up for a position which was perfect yet I was unable to accept for personal reasons. She immediately set me up for another interview and that is where I am currently flourishing!!! I went for an interview at a company called Webtickets as Leigh-Ann saw my potential and knew exactly what I needed. Not only have I been placed with an awesome company, Leigh-Ann also sent another candidate to the same company, who is now a very close friend and colleague thanks to Your Move Personnel.
1st September 2017

Evette Wessels

Placed as Communications and Online Media Specialist - ICT Industry, 2016

The overall experience of finding new employment is not the easiest or the most pleasant in the current South African economic environment. The most stressful part for me is sending a million resume’s and applying for a million positions without ever getting any feedback. This the main reason why I choose to work through an agency. From the moment I decided to start seeking a new position till the day I found it took approximately 11 months. In this time I could take many new opportunities, but the correct one took time. Thankfully having worked hard in my student years gave me the qualifications that makes it easier to find a job - however finding the right fit and corporate culture, with mutual expectations of the position is KEY! I was so fortunate to be hunted down by Leigh Ann from YMP. She understood immediately what I was looking for, what environment my personality would fit in, and brought client and prospective employee together in a professional and well managed process. I immediately felt that my entire situation was under control. I received feedback on a daily basis. I could track the application process online. YMP is trustworthy, and they truly place their candidates with care.